Zara Croakington

Zara Croakington
Zara Croakington Card
Daughter of The Frog Prince
Side Royal
Born December 6
Roommate Ethelinda Horrendous Haddock

Personality Edit

Zara Croakington is an overall kind girl. She is very popular among the students of Ever After High, and she is very witty and funny. She excels in all sports and all subjects, but if you make her mad, she will turn very angry. Zara doesn't really have a destiny, but she likes being popular and being a princess, so she is a Royal.

Appearance Edit

Zara has brown eyes and very dark-brown hair. Her hair is always straight.

Home Edit

Zara lives with her father, The Frog Prince, her mother, and her brother, Hopper Croakington II in a castle.

Family Edit

Zara is the daughter of The Frog Prince and his wife. She was adopted by them when she was a baby. Zara is very close to her parents and her brother, Hopper, and both siblings talk to each other every day. Zara loves her whole family very much because she wouldn't have one if they hadn't adopted her.

Friends Edit

Since Zara is very popular, she has many "fans" and friends. Her best friend, though, is Crystal of DunBroch. They often spend time together. Zara is also friends with her roommate, Ethelinda Horrendous Haddock, and Catherine Pan. She doesn't enjoy the company of Jessica Jorgenson or Elise Hearts, who both bully many students, even though, both girls like Zara.

Pet Edit

Zara has a pet butterfly named Octave. Octave was named during Zara's muse-ic class thronework when she was practicing octaves. Like her brother, Hopper's, dragon fly, Drake, Octave can breathe fire. Zara recieved Octave when most students recieved their pets, during a class trip to the Enchanted Forest.

Romance Edit

Zara has a small crush on Rob of Arendelle, but otherwise, she isn't interested.

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