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The Fan Corner of Ever After High Wikia

"Welcome to The Fan Corner of Ever After High! This wiki is not for facts, but for fun! Here you can share your OCs, dolls, and anything else made-up from Ever After High! Thanks for coming!"


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Meet Ivy & Ethelinda!

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Meet Zara!

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Zara Croakington is overall kind and very popular among the students of Ever After High. She is also very witty and funny. Zara has straight black hair, and brown eyes. She is a Royal.

Read more about Zara Croakington here!

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The Darling Charming Doll was released in 2015. She is a Rebel with blonde hair and blue streaks. She has blue eyes and a dress with armour.

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Welcome To TFCOEAH!

Hello Everyone, and Welcome! I am so glad you are here! Just a reminder, that this wiki is for you to show your OCs, dolls, videos, stories, etc. You…

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