Clementine Cupid
Daughter of Eros
Side Rebel
Roommate C.A. Cupid

Clementine Cupid is the twin sister of C.A. Cupid. Her full name is Clemintine Amore Cupid, but she preferes go be called Clementine. She is also adopted. She is the most beautiful girl at Ever After High, but does not care for boys at all. Clementine foes not understand love or anything to do with it. This makes following her destiny complicated and it is why she is a rebel.

About MeEdit

Alignment -


Roommate -

C.A. Cupid, I kicked Blondie out and I don't understand why she cried.

True Hearts Desire - 

For boys to leave me alone. I don't understand thier deal with me.

My Magic Touch -

I can make people fall in love or whatever-after. It's not like it does anything. Oh, and I can also make my wings disappear and reappear at will. Sometimes they get a little annoying.

Storybook Romance Status -


My Favorite Class -

Debait. It gives me a chance to tell everybody to stop gawking over boys because it doesn't even make any sense.

My Least Favorite Class -

Chemythstry. Why would I want to make love potions?

Best Friends Forever After -

Why would I need any?


Since Clementine is C.A. Cupid's twin she looks a lot like her. She has light pink hair and wings. She has fair skin and ruby red lips. She has saphire blue eyes and a beautiful hour glass figure. Clementine wears anything she can find. She never wears any make up and doesn't ever wear acsessories, unless it's a belt to keep her pants up. She doesn't care for her appearence. She never tries to impress any one.


Family -

Clementine is the twin of C.A. Cupid and they were both adopted and given wings to by Eros, the god of love.

Romance -

Clementine shows no interest in anyone.

Pet -

Clementine doesn't care for pets.